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What is Food Security?

Food security is the assurance that individuals, households, communities and nations have access to enough quality and safe food at all times.


Food insecurity is the absence of food security and is characterised by the presence of hunger, starvation, malnutrition and/or fear or worry about facing food shortages.


Food insecurity is a complex societal issue that requires urgent, practical solutions and appropriate, targeted policies and interventions.

Transdisciplinarity and Collaborations


In support of the University of KwaZulu-Natal's African Scholarship mission, the African Centre for Food Security Programme is committed to excellence in transdisciplinary education and research and is committed to:

  • Searching for practical solutions to food insecurity,
  • Development of practical, reliable measures of household food security,
  • Evaluation of interventions, and
  • Influencing and impacting on policy development and analysis in Africa.


The African Centre for Food Security Programme offers internationally unique and innovative transdisciplinary education and research opportunities to develop capacity for training, research and advocacy in food security and related areas.

Transdisciplinarity requires integration of perspectives in the identification, formulation and resolution of shared problems. The primary purpose of transdisciplinary studies is to pool and integrate the expertise of team members so that more efficient and comprehensive assessment and interventions can be provided.

The Programme facilitates transdisciplinary collaboration among and between staff, students, stakeholders and civil society communities. Engagement is practical and action orientated.

The Programme has collaborative ties with scholars and practitioners from Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, whilst a four-way Memorandum of Understanding is currently being pursued with Makerere University, the University of Malawi and Sokoine University of Agriculture.


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